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Interested in learning about my classmates’ websites? Check them out in Elizabeth Manning’s blog post about them!

Don’t forget to visit her website,, too! Her website focuses on food insecurity in the city of Tuscaloosa, which is a serious problem that is so often overlooked. Elizabeth’s goal for her site is that it will spark discussion among opinion leaders who can make real change and take steps to find a solution. This website is also helpful to those who don’t know what food insecurity is, and for those who are interested in getting involved to help those who are affected.

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Food for Thought

As I’ve discussed regularly, I have spent the past year working on a website focusing on food insecurity in Tuscaloosa, Ala. What I haven’t mentioned quite so often, though, is that while I was working on my site, six other people were also putting their hearts and souls into websites on different issues and subjects in Tuscaloosa.

I am still amazed sometimes at the well-rounded, intelligent, caring, and hard-working group that I am blessed to be surrounded by every weekday. In a week and a half, we all move to Anniston together to spend a summer chasing sources and writing hard-hitting leads. I cannot explain how thankful I am that I get to spend the summer with this group of people.


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Monroe has worked with five caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients for the past year. She filmed the caregivers in their natural elements and had them discuss…

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